Who Loves Short-shorts?

We love short-shorts! Found these shorts in the bottom of the vault, totally forgot that I commissioned them for my Lishe way back when. Unfortunately the Etsy store that I got them from is no longer around. I have some awesome black capris for chicline from that shop too. Would have totally bought more stuff if she was still around.

I'm actually surprised at how much clothing I have for this girl, I mean it's not a lot but it's quite a bit more than I anticipated. Of course it helps that she fits into some of the minifee stuff. I have a minifee dress on the way that I'm really hoping will fit her, we'll have to see, bit of a gamble obviously. Eventually I'm going to splurge on a fancy Tonner outfit but we're getting along quite well for now.


  1. Believe it or not, right now I prefer cozy and warm blankets. x)

    I like the last picture a lot, it shows her pretty, long legs. :)

  2. haha yeah well my dolls might love short shorts but I'm a baggy PJ pants or jeans girl myself :) Her legs are super long aren't they? And to think these are the cutie legs and not even as long as the model legs!



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