Macro Monday

I'm cheating through this Monday as time was not on my side this week. But! I did stomp around in the snow for this single non-quite-a-macro shot. The whole time I was worried I was going to hit a soft patch of snow and sink in up to my waist because the snow I was walking on is not where we keep the actual ground, that was much lower.

Anyway this is my World of Warcraft Tuskarr action figure, although he's not actually posable at all so why they label him as an action figure I don't know. I mean you can take the spear out of his hand but that's it. Still he's a cool figure and I like him a lot.


  1. What a fantastic persepective! I love this. I'm sure he can scare the pants off anyway with that expression!

    Very awesome shot.

  2. nifty, are his tusks carved with symbols ?!? cool ;)

  3. @Alasse, he's a bit awesome for sure! I'd like to have more as they're really nice figures but they're getting pricey

    @Ban I believe he does! :)

  4. Aw, snap! He's seen you coming. Better luck sneaking up on him next time. ;)


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