Pure Neemo Body

I bought an Azone Pure Neemo Flection Advance body for my Blythe and it arrived a few days ago. It's just as cute as I thought it would be and poses pretty well for a little plastic dolly body. I picked this up from Mimiwoo.com. You can get a bunch of different hands for them and there are several different body types. This one is a size M in normal skin colour.

Speaking of colour this body is much peachier/darker than my Guava. I have some vague notion that my Guava is a colour called 'translucent' though I'm basing this on nothing other than a gut feeling :P Regardless, she's paler than the body. It doesn't bother me as a faceup can bring that into line and once dressed in clothes I don't think it'll be greatly noticeable. Definitely something to keep in mind if you're picky about that sort of thing though. I believe you can get the Azone body in 'white' skin, which is more like a very pale normal skin rather than actually white from what I've heard. I'd highly recommend researching that before leaping in though.

All in all I'm happy, it's so super cute. I'll have to get some other hands eventually so she can relax and not be all, HOMG all the time. I can't say much else about it, like I have no idea whether she'll be able to stand once the Blythe head goes on. I expect she won't even though the body has quite a good weight to it. Though she might with enough patience. I'm not fussed about that, I bought the body because it's damn cute. I love how curvy she'll be!

I should have snapped a comparison pic of the Neemo next to the Takara body but I'm rushing to get this posted. I might swing past later this afternoon and add a pic in.

Here we go, quickie drive by edit. Neemo and Takara body side by side and colour difference. It's a bigger difference than the pic shows, this was as good as I could get. The Takara is paler and less peachy-pink. It almost looks greyish in this pic.


  1. actually, it is pretty cute for a plastic body and I kinda like how sturdy it looks

  2. I want to change my Cate onto a pure neemo body but I'm too chicken! Guava and Mango are 'fair' skin which is paler than then regular blythe skin tone. The translucent ones have really pale whitish bodies and the fingers and toes are almost transparent. My Miss Sally Rice is translucent and I loves her. http://www.flickr.com/photos/honeythorpe/4380695309/

  3. @Honeythorpe Ahh well that makes a lot more sense! Love her hair. I bought a Simply Peppermint scalp and I love the colour, looks very similar to Sally Rice hair, only no bangs. I have no idea if I'll ever even use it.


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