I haven't seen many of these girls around so I thought I'd share her on the blog. She's a Feeple 65 Angela from Fairyland. It's a wonderful sculpt, I have no idea if she was inspired by Angelina Jolie but I felt she had very similar lips.

I also included a shot of her on my desk at the end in case anyone ever wondered what my setup was for taking the final finished faceup pictures. Pretty simple: put white towel on desk, turn on daylight lamps.

I really love that these girls have no hair. They came with the pink wig of course (which is currently being dealt with) but it's so nice to have a clean smooth head for wigs! I have a pink Leekeworld wig that looks pretty cute on the grey head.

Although those fabulous green jelly wings suggest going for a green hair colour, but I'm not sure if those wings will stay on the grey body or not.

It will be a little while until I get to paint these girls, I still have to get a torso for the extra limbs, but I'm really looking forward to it. I am pleasantly surprised by their face sculpts, they're very cute. It's always so hard to tell what's going on under the Mattel makeup, I'm never really sure what I'm going to get.

I've been doing Monochrome Monday for quite a long time now, and it's really helped push me to capture some great shots, and experiment around. By cutting out the colour I find it so much easier to focus on things like composition and story.

You know what's super exciting though? I haven't missed a Monday yet! I think there have been a few close calls, as well as some technical issues where I've scheduled posts that have gone off either too early or too late, and of course not all the posts are BJD related, but all in all there's been a monochrome image for every Monday since I started. Yay for consistency!

In celebration I've added a button to the sidebar that will take you back through time to revisit all the old colourless Mondays!

I ordered this MSD sized barstool from Nine9 Style a few weeks ago and I'm super pleased with it. It's always easy to find props and such for the smaller dolls but the Minis are difficult, especially at a good price. I like it because it's simple and sturdy, and didn't break the bank. They have the stool in three sizes, SD, MSD, and Yosd. I may paint it white so it matches the sideboard I have. 

Speaking of Nine9 Style I've been trying to get my hubby to go to their showroom and take pictures for me seeing as he's in Korea at the moment. Maybe I can convince him to send home a Nine9 care package too ;) 

Anyway, here are some quick snaps for size reference, this is my DIM Miso head on an A-line minifee body. 

What if Fig was like, Gizmo, the Mogwai from Gremlins, and multiplied when you got her wet? Worse, what would she turn into if she ate after midnight? Luckily we'll never know but here's a photo of might have been!

I've been meaning to do a shot like this for a long time, I'm not really happy with how it turned out, I messed up a few things so I'll try it again one day, but it's still a fun shot even if not a good one.

If you want to try this yourself it's super easy. You set your camera up on a tripod (crucial because you want the background to line up exactly in each shot) and then you proceed to take a bunch of pics, moving your doll around in each frame. Then you layer them on top of one another in a photo editing program and delete the bits you don't need. Here's a link to a video that might help {LINK}

Have developed a thing for skulls lately, don't know why, just seem to want to draw a lot of them.

Here's the latest one, plus some WIPs as it travelled from sketchbook to digital. It's not 100% finished yet, but I'm letting it "rest" for now while I think about it.

I might try an animal skull next. Perhaps a bird?

I have't done a treasury in ages and they're always fun, it's like window shopping from your computer. Seattle is about to hit a heatwave (which I am super not looking forward to) so summery clothing is very much on my mind right now.

'Summer Sorbet' by xhanthi

Fruity summer colours for minis that we wish we had!

MINIFEE Bustier + skirt set!

Yellow tights hearts for dol...

Strawberry dress for MSD siz...

Doll Clothes Outfit Yellow R...

S size Hat DA-S02 for SD MSD...

Gradient Day Sweater in Magn...

Polka dot yellow dress for M...

MNF Rainbow Ombre Leggings F...

White/red outfit for MSD siz...

3 colors Rainbow doll backpa...

MNF/Minifee/Unoa/Slim MSD La...

Light pink short crochet top...

Yellow mini dots Dress Minif...

BJD Minifee Black And Yellow...

Swimsuit for Minifee
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Fig shows off her summer appropriate outfit and of course, Philbert the frog her top choice of accessory.

Eyes from Mako - 12mm AM-017
Shorts and T-shirt from Crazy Hand Made
Wig from Monstro Designs
Frog from under a stone at the bottom of the yard.

The pukifees have not had much photo time this year. I like them best with all their props but unfortunately I don't have the space to leave things set up. I'm super lazy and hauling out their gear is a pain so I find that I just don't take them out much.

But today was a special day! Apparently the 4th of July is also Bathing Day.

I got this fabulous Mab Graves print recently and the thing that really tickled me were the stamps on the envelope! It's rare to see stamps these days so as silly as it sounds it was such a treat to get a package covered in stamps! These were some pretty awesome stamps as well.

It reminded me I have a book of Harry Potter stamps stashed inside The Half Blood Prince so I dug those out. I don't collect stamps but sometimes I think it might be fun, though they're all self adhesive these days so in a way it would be like a sticker collection lol (obviously if only collected new release stamps).

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