If you know me then you know I have a special fondness for eyes so when I saw this I just had to share! The very talented, Hane is having a wonderful giveaway to launch her new line of resin eyes.

They are such lovely colours, I especially like the blue and gold. There are only a few days left to enter so head over to her blog to read all about the entry rules {HERE}

I've been thinking of hybriding this girl (PKF Bonnie) with my Realfee when it comes in. I saw {THIS} picture from Anna and the proportions are actually quite cute and not what I was expecting.

Hopefully the Realfee arrives in August, and hopefully I have a PKF connector (I can't remember if I added one or if it comes with it or what), and we'll see how it works out.

In the meantime, have some silly dancing pictures.

Look at this super cute little thing that just arrived. This is a Baby Nyx by Misterminou and she is here for a faceup.

There pre-order for Baby Nyx is still available for one more day (ends on the 30th July), so if you have an interest you can check out her page {HERE} She is 26cm tall and available in standard or green (pale minty colour) resin.

I can't wait to work on her. Her horns are so cute!

If you've ever wanted to know how I paint skin texture and freckles then here is your chance! This is a speedy timelapse of this girl's faceup, although I didn't decide to film it until after I'd already done the eyeliner and lid lines so sadly you don't get to see that bit, but still the majority of it is there.

This girl makes me miss my old pukifee Luna! So cute!

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