I started this with the intention of taking progress pics, but I had to keep stopping and starting over several days so I ended up forgetting to set up the camera! Sadly you get only one WIP and then BOOM, done lol. But then again it's probably a blessing in disguise as I had forgotten to set my white balance so he's a funky colour in that WIP shot.

Anyway, nothing very exciting for his faceup, just a regular natural look. I ended up liking the grey mohawk on him so much that I matched his faceup to it. I'm still not sure if he'll keep the mohawk but I've definitely settled on the grey, salt n pepper colouring. Also I still have some of that hair left and might be able to make another wig.

*Doll nudity Warning*

My 5th Motif Venitu arrived yesterday and I have to say that, despite all my concerns that he might be too big and cumbersome, I absolutely love him! He is an amazing doll, the sculpting is gorgeous, and he even came pre-sueded! I'm so impressed!

I haven't had a lot of experience with larger dolls, and definitely not at this size - he stands around 70cm tall - so I was really concerned that I might end up hating him straight out of the box like the Feeple65 Lora that I ordered a few years ago. She lasted all of 24 hours in my house. She was just too big and difficult to move around. It's funny because the F65 ladies are smaller than the Venitu.

He's a great poser, he moves smoothly and has a good sturdiness about him. He holds his positions very well but the best thing is that he's easy to position, I don't feel I'm having to fight to get him to do a thing. He poses better than my 50cm Souldoll Vito and is easier to maneuver despite being a fair chunk bigger. Of course he's still a heavy bugger and won't ever match the ease of a light little minifee.

I was so surprised that he came sueded, I wasn't expecting that, no doubt that's a big reason why he poses so nicely. The sueding in his shoulders and thigh sockets is different, he has these little grooves that have pieces of silicone placed in them. It works well but I'm afraid of losing them as I've had one pop out already.

He came with his gesture hands, as well as the paddle hands for changing clothes. The hands are so beautiful, I'm really looking forward to painting them.

Now I just have to get a face and wig done - he's borrowing my Asa's mohawk wig at the moment as it's the only thing I can get on him. Though I've got to say, the longer he wears it the more it grows on me.

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If you've been following my Instagram you'll know that I've spent the last week wandering around Yellowstone National Park. It was an amazing trip and I'd love to go back again. Maybe in winter, it must be stunning covered in snow and I'd love the snowy photo opportunities.

We also went to Grand Teton and did some rafting which was fun, such amazing views!

Here's are some of my photos. If you haven't been I'd highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance, especially Grand Teton as those glaciers have a lot less snow/ice on them these days due to climate change.

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