In between some of the other commissions I've been working on this sleeping Iplehouse Amy as she's here for a Carte Blanche faceup. I didn't know Iplehouse did sleeping heads, I guess they just release them as limiteds? Let me know in the comments!

I'd love a sleeping Asa head but as far as I know that's not possible. Unless I mod an OE head into a sleeping head of course.

If you're in the USA I hope you're having a great Thanksgiving Day and stuffing yourself silly with fabulous food things. I'm not yet on solid foods so I'm having to watch the food extravaganza from the sidelines.

I'm afraid I don't have any festive fall themed photos for you, all I have is yams and those don't make for particularly pretty props, that being said Fig riding a yam would be highly amusing so perhaps I dropped the ball there.

Anyway, I decided to dress my Chicline in her default outfit again but by the time I got her posed the light had vanished! It's getting dark around 4pm now which is crazy. All I was able to salvage were these two test shots before I started posing her.

It was so windy on Sunday I couldn't even stand on her own for more than a few seconds before a gust would knock her over. Trying to manage her hair was a nightmare too and in the end I gave up.

Most of the shots are unusable but I'm pretty happy with this one, and surprised I got anything worth using at all really. Though I really don't know if I like the black and white or the colour version better!

I decided to start a Society6 store, I've been meaning to for a really long time but never did because I don't think my stuff is really any good, but it costs nothing to set up so I figured I should just do it. Hopefully it will encourage me to finish more things.

You can find my store {HERE}

In other news I seem to be recovering just fine after the wisdom teeth came out. That being said I'm in a lot of pain. But apparently that's normal. What fun. I'm feeling quite miserable about the whole thing but I'm sure it will get better eventually. As my roomie always says, "Well you know it could be worse, you could be dead." Sage advice you can take to the grave. LOL.

Every now and then I break out my lensbaby sweet 35 optic because I love the weird effects I can get with it. It makes pictures look all dreamy and woozy. I still haven't mastered it though, it's really difficult to nail the focus and most of my shots end up blurry and unusable, but it's always worth it for that one shot that does work out.

Here are two shots, one where I actually managed to focus on her face, and another that I missed my focus on but still thought it came out looking passable in a drug-induced-dream-state sort of way. I love the crazy warp speed bokeh effects.

Something simple for you today, a glass of iced water. I love the tonal shifts as the light reflects off the glass, through the water, and across the table.

I am posting this from the past of course as I am currently recovering from having my wisdom teeth out!

These are some of the other photos from the previous lingerie set, shot with a darker, moodier feel.

The days are getting longer and darker, the weather is downright frigid right now and I love it. I don't know if fall is my favourite season, but I'm filled with joy that summer is officially over.

Hot Toys have released their new Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane, which if you're a Tim Burton/Depp fan you might find super exciting, I know I do. This figure looks to be jam-packed with accessories which makes it very tempting indeed.

I think the likeness is pretty good, but not spot on, I think the Jack Sparrow head sculpted by Kojun is a much better likeness but I'd still be very happy with So Young, Lee's sculpt.

I currently have my Guardians Hot Toys on order at the moment so it's unlikely I'll be getting this guy though it pains me to say it. Why must they release so much fabulous? I do wish they'd release an updated Edward Scissorhands, they came out with one a long, long time ago but their sculpts have gotten so good I think it would be great to see a DX re-release.

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