Not very scary I know but the tiny pumpkin is adorable. If you're celebrating Halloween I hope you have a hellaciously fun and appropriately terrifying time!

This year I opted to be a bearded lady (we had an early Halloween party before my hubby had to go back to Korea), so enjoy this rare photo of me in my beard, it may be a long time before you see my face again!

I've been talking about blushing my doll's hands for years but somehow I never get around to it. Those plans have always ended up on the back burner, but I'd never had an Iplehouse JID until this year and I tell you those sausage fingers are just not to be suffered.

I'm pleased with how they've turned out, they're still stumpy sausage fingers because there's just no getting around the sculpting, but at least they look like fingers now. I'm really hoping Iplehouse will release a new batch of hands for their JIDs, at least the girls, because I've always adored the YID, SID, and EID hands, they're some my favourite BJD hands, so it's super annoying not to be able to have those gorgeous hands in the JID size!

*Just in case anyone was wondering I'm not taking hand blushing commissions at this time. 

I thought I'd do something a little creepy seeing as Halloween is almost here. I'm sure that what ever is coming out of that bottle can't be good.

Someone needs to lock down that lab before it fills the house with nasty.

This week I have some nature shots in black and white from a visit to Green Lake Park. It was very wet and rainy so I didn't get my camera out much.

And apparently there were better mushrooms on the other side of the lake, all the ones I found had been kicked and abused, but we never made it that far.

Someone was wanting to know how thin their paint should be for painting lashes and eyebrows so I made a quick video about it. This is one of those things that doesn't get mentioned very often, it's really easy to forget because it becomes such a staple habit, but if you're never painted before you might not know how thin your paint should be!

Success at painting thin lines has a lot to do with the consistency of your paint, but it can be hard to describe, it's a lot easier to understand if you can see it. So hopefully the video helps.

I'm letting this guy go, he's a Simply Divine 'Harlequin' made in 2010 and is labelled as #10, cast in Venetian Luna White, with a custom faceup by me.

He is an SD sized head and uses an 8/9 sized wig and 12mm - 14mm eyes depending on brand. He has been kept out of sunlight and is in lovely condition.

♥ He is available for $250 USD + shipping.

♥ Shipping within the USA will be priority mail with insurance and will cost about $10.00

♥ International EMS prices will be about $50.00 (if you wish to ship First Class with a lesser value marked for custom your payment to me will have to be made as 'gift/personal', please contact me for more information).

Please email me at xhanthi(at) if you have an interest.

I had a super busy weekend and almost let today's post slide, but I've swooped in at the last minute with a rather lame month in review mosaic which includes photos from other months because, failure.

Anyway, I think my favourite photo was the one of Fig finding the galaxy jar. I always love a story :)

He has some hair now but I have to say I'm not feeling it. I think I'll make another one with redder hair and use mohair instead of alpaca. The alpaca I have is too straight for what I'm after. Eventually I'll re paint his face too because he still doesn't look the way I want him to even with hair (even though it's also the wrong hair!).

He may be small but he's turning out to be a giant pain in the butt!

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