Okay I know it's still a while away but the thing I'm already excited for Halloween. The hubby and I are going to Atlanta for the Walker Stalker horror convention and I can't wait! Anyway, I wanted to do something cute but a tad spooky so I made Willow watch a horror movie.

I shot it during the day for lighting and then edited it for a nighttime feel. Here's the original shot and a screenshot of the layering in photoshop.

And now for something completely different; here's a book box I decorated. This is one of those storage book boxes you get at the craft store that usually has PARIS or FAMILY written on it surrounded with a bunch of butterflies and flowers.

This one had a Buddha on it and  a nice leather faux finish. When I started this project it didn't occur to me take any progress pictures which I'm now realising might have been interesting.

Anyway, the cover is a combination of stickers, paper, embossing, apoxie sculpt, wood embellishes, some polymer clay roses I made years ago, and other misc odds and ends. Oh yeah, and some left over chain from a  necklace that was way too long.

I wish I'd put more thought into it as I feel it just looks weird in the centre with the empty frame. but I did this in front of the TV with no real idea where it was going or what I was doing. Hilariously at one point this was all white too. Like I spent literally ages getting it all white only to paint it black lol. I really like how it turned out though. Great place to keep Halloween candy! I'm thinking I might make more because you can never have too many places to chuck random crap.

There's nothing like an early morning stroll through the woods to wake you up and make you feel alive, but for most us that's not an option so here's my Chloe living the dream instead.

Of course it really is a dream, you can see the very un-romantic reality in the last shot!

I haven't had much time for doll photos, I'm just super busy trying to organise for my trip back home next month.

Anyway I thought I'd chat about some pre-order stuff that's out, or coming out that I think is super cool.

First is the new Zouh Spun pre-order from Dust of Dolls that's happening right now. These guys are so damn adorable it's doing my head in. I love DoD creations! But I hate that their pre-orders never coincide with my cash flow. One day...*shakes fist* Definitely grab one of these adorable little bunny critters if you have the opportunity!

I saw that Withdoll is selling a limited edition with a special 'cracked ' event head which I think is really great. I love this head, I think it would be a great challenge to paint. She's called, "Adriana, the circus girl," and is limited to 50 dolls.

And now for something really horrific! I'm pretty sure most of you won't be into this but I'm filled with wanting because despite the very pastel blog my heart is a black bead of fog and ash. I adore Silent Hill stuff, the creepiness and gore just fills me with gleeful joy, and this nurse action figure is basically the best thing ever. I'm definitely going to order one. To be honest if I had the funds I'd order 10 and have a creepy nurse army.

Lastly, on a much cuter but still dark theme I saw this new Eddie Munster figure on Sideshow made byTweeterhead and I love it! It wasn't so expensive I'd bring little Eddie home for Halloween.

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