Mistelle is finally all finished up and ready to head home. Originally I wanted to film the faceup but she's so small it ended up being difficult to keep her in focus, I ended up redoing the first faceup I gave her anyway so I guess it's moot. I did have the hubby film me stringing her back together again, which was actually a lot harder than I anticipated as she's just so small!

Anyway, I hope you like how she turned out, she is an adorable wee thing and I don't think I've done her as much justice as she deserves but I did my best. ♥♥♥ Really loved having her in the house! It will be sad to send her home.

The clothes are part of her original outfit from Enaibi.

I posted these on Facebooka and Tumblr and such but I thought I'd add it to the blog too for those that don't follow the other stuff.

Sometimes new folks stumble onto the blog and don't understand exactly what I do to a doll head, or just how blank a head is before I hit it with the paintbrush.

If you haven't seen Fairyland's new 'RealFee' release then you are missing out because they're adorable and have anthro legs! You can read Fairyland's announcement and see additional pictures {HERE}

I am feeling pretty keen to get one of these when they release them at the end of May, I can't decide which one though! I'll take the Bunny girl's face, but I'm not sure which legs to go for!

They haven't said what size these guys are yet, they look to be Littlefee sized, but the Realpuki styled hands are throwing me off. I would hazard a guess that they're between PKF and LTF size, if not just LTF size.

Anyone else losing their mind over this? Just. Too. Cute.

Here's a look at what's on the table, a super sneak peak at the works in progress at the moment. Plus a bonus shots of my trusty headcap which I test stuff out on and wipe excess paint off on, as well as a mod I'm working on!

I recently bought myself a dremel and a sleeping Chloe head and have introduced them to each other with relatively successful results, but more on that later as I'm still working on her.

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