Vespertine: 1. of, relating to, or occurring in the evening: vespertine stillness. 2. Botany. opening or expanding in the evening, as certain flowers. 3. Zoology. appearing or flying in the early evening; crepuscular.

Also an album by Bjork but lets move on. 

I seem to have two characters for this doll, Angeline the brunette, and Vespertine the blonde. If JIDs posed better I'd seriously consider getting a second Asa. 

There was a lot of photoshop wizardry used here so I've included a before and after because I seem to be super into those right now. 

There are times when I think I should have gotten a tan pukifee Ante instead of a Bonnie, this is definitely one of those times. Maybe one day. I don't know if I would replace Fig with a tanned version or just have twice the trouble.

This girl was a Carte Blanche - colourful commission, she's wearing 10mm Enchanted Doll eyes in the colour #42 Milky.

I made some of my nature photos available in my Society6 store so if you ever had a need for a mossy bag, forest cushion, or a flower phone case all your dreams have just come true lol.

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I thought I'd share this recent commission on here as I don't do many colourful faceups. This was a carte blanche commission so I got to pick the colours which was loads of fun.

I've been watching Fishtank Kings on Netflix lately and they're located in Florida so I was inspired to do something tropical. She's very, sunset-passion-pina-colada.

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