Here's a quick video with all the recent commissions I've been working on over November and December. I'll announce what's happening with new commissions soon.

I haven't done one of these videos in a while so thought I would. I'm planning another timelapse painting video soon which should be fun.
Thank you to everyone who joined in, you guys are awesome and I wish I could give everyone a prize! But like Highlander, there can be only one. Out of the 68 comments we got our lucky winner with number 42 is, Reese Harris!

Please shoot me an email to claim your prize!

Toki is no longer available as he has found his new home!

Are you in sore need of a Christmas Elf? Then this guy might be just the cure. I've had him for a few months now but I'm just not interested in him so he is up for sale.

♥ This is the fullset Toki so he will come with the steampunk wings, shoes, top-hat, and pants.

♥ He will also come with the hand made wig I crafted for him (of questionable quality but it's a freebie and at least he won't be bald!), as well as custom faceups on both the OE and Sleeping face (valued at $170 for both but I'm letting them go for just $32.50 each) and last but not least an adorable acorn hat (real acorn LOL).

♥ He was made this year. His accessories will come unpainted. Please do not ask me to paint them as I do not have the time. I am not interested in splitting him just yet either. He will come in his original box with COA and default eyes.

I'm asking $365 USD plus shipping.  SOLD
If you have an interest please send an email to xhanthi(at)
(International sales are welcome)

I've been playing around with an app called Sparkmode, which used to be called Mirrorgram (which I think was a better name), having lots of fun creating a bunch of bizarre, and disturbing creatures out of my dolls.

I think it's quite a fun app. I haven't done anything pretty with it yet though, I seem to be obsessed with making things creepy. So welcome to the sideshow.

I thought I'd share some the art I have in my office, which works quite well in Black and White because the walls in this room are a hideous green colour, not a nice forest green, or a rich teal green, or fresh mint green, but a horrible sickly, yellow green, a green of illness and regret. Anyway, I'm rambling.

I recently got a fabulous Tyrion Lannister print from Fernanda Suarez, she's an awesome artist, she has a society6 shop but recently opened an Etsy shop too, the prints differ between the shops. When she opened her Etsy shop I snapped up the Tyrion print as it was the perfect size for my silly plastic Ikea frame at a great price. Now my wall is sufficiently ridiculous and all is right with the world.

My bell jar/cheese board (?) of misc critters and stuff with a Jeff Soto print in the background. The cat figures are by Konatsu and you can read about them {HERE}

A print from 64colors plus my Scott Tolleson dunnys, and another Jeff Soto print. It's a crime to show you art in black and white, but it would also be a crime to assault you with the colour of my walls. 

As a great fan of smaller dolls I'm really pleased to hear about this new 16" Fashion line from Dollshe. I've always loved Dollshe dolls but they're so enormous, I don't like to manage bigger dolls so I've never gotten one, instead I skulk around on Flickr eyeballing everyone else's fabulous big dollies.

I can't tell you how excited I am for the male 16" BJD, a mini Grant Phillipe! I mean seriously he looks amazing. Too awesome for words. Finally a mature miniature man. I never got a male Chicline because none the head sculpts were quite was I was after, but now... Looks like Blake could be up on the chopping block!

For more information and photos please visit Dollshe's post {HERE}

This is a speedy timelapse video of me working on an Iplehouse Addiction Lisa. The amount of time this took to edit was pretty horrendous. It's just so much video, I just condensed hours and hours of work into 10 minutes! I probably should have gone with a less complicated faceup, or split the video into two parts, but that's learning for you.

This girl has had her vampire teeth modded into regular human teeth as she's supposed to be a fairy not a vampire. You don't get to see quite everything in this video, there was a lot of cutting to make it shorter, but I hope you enjoy it never the less.

We got our first snow of the season! Of course it starts melting as soon as the sun comes out so we really only had this light dusting of snow for a few hours in the morning. It's nice to see snow again, I do miss it. Hopefully we'll get a decent dump of it later in the season. It would be nice to have at least one full day of snow.

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